Sunday, March 27, 2011

New granddaughter

May I introduce my newest granddaughter.. (we now have three little princesses and I have already been looking for matching outfits for the three of them!)..this was my first chance to hold her but it wasn't my last.

Grandpa introduced her to the fine art of napping. She is a quick study.

Hard to leave especially when she said, "Look I fit in your suitcase! Take me with you!"

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The end of 2010

We welcome 2011 and say goodbye to 2010.

December was a fun month with a wedding, Christmas and New Years. Adam and Andrew came home by way of Arizona for the wedding of their cousin Drew.

2010 was the year for the "in-law" Christmas so all our married children did not come home but Adam and Andrew spent the holidays with us in Texas...and as usual brought lots of energy and fun with them. Our traditional New year's Eve Bingo night was loads of fun laughing and trading--(though we held it the night before so they could go to the singles dance.)

Then early in 2011--off they went leaving me feeling really sad for a day or so. Funny, we raise them to be independent and responsible adults. We truly do not want them to live with us forever--but it still feels sad when they leave.

Another end of an era--the van which has been part of the Salt family for 18 years made its last trip down the driveway. Lots of memories with that vehicle...

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving in Denver

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year in Denver with Matthew & Debbie. If only Sarah and her family could have been there it would have been perfect. As it was, it came pretty close. We are so blessed and we had so much fun together.

We sang..

We worked together..

(One of my favorite pictures).

Then we sat down to Debbie's lovely table. She made the centerpieces herself!! The meal was wonderful but the company was the best.

We enjoyed our time together. The girls did crafts. We played games. I went with Debbie to the gym--once to discover new muscles that I was not aware of in my legs which made descending the stairs every day a fun reminder of our experience. ouch!! Then another day to take a weight lifting class to provide a similar experience for my arms and shoulders. Luckily no pictures of that!!

Also Natalie helped me feel the baby kick. It was a great weekend spent together and we ended it by helping put the lights on the house.

Monday, October 11, 2010


June was a milestone year for Steve's parents. They had their 60th wedding anniversary. We loved being able to join them on the beautiful Oregon coast and celebrate their achievement. They were excited to get to see Andrew again after two years.

Notice I am wearing a coat on the last week in June...INSIDE the house? It is cold in Bandon--but it didn't snow.

Then in August all of our children headed to Nauvoo. It was our first family reunion in almost 4 years. It was a blast!! We rented a home big enough for all of us and we had a great time together. We prepared meals together, we played together, and we were touched by the spirit that permeates the place. We went on wagon rides and ox cart rides...and didn't need a coat!

I loved being with my children and my grand-children. I am so glad they all made the effort to come!!


Then in April, Andrew went to visit his siblings. We were able to be there for Natalie's graduation...And SNOW IN APRIL!! A big shocker for those of us that live in Houston or just spent two years in Samoa.

Then we did a short hop to Denver to celebrate Matthew's birthday with Matthew and Debbie. Did I mention I have poor photography skills? We will need to do a retake next time we are in Denver.

A long long time ago...

I used to write on this blog occasionally. If you were worried we are fine. I just didn't have the enthusisam to try to remember how to post pictures and commentary without it being a jumbled mess. We will see if I am successful...

A few highlights from the last 7 months or so has to include our trip to Samoa.

In April...We went to Samoa to pick up our missionary son. It was an amazing trip. We were able to experience the culture...
admire the beauty....

meet wonderful people, and hug our son a lot!"

He was waiting for us at the airport and he saw me coming through customs before I saw him. One of the other Elders asked him if he thought I knew he was waiting for us on the other side of the partition. Andrew replied, "No, she hasn't seen me, yet." The Elder asked, "how do you know?" He replied, "She isn't crying!! (Ignore my red tear stained eyes.)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I finished a project!!

At Christmas, the girls and I (WOW did I wait a long time to say that) went to the fabric store. It was one of my favorite parts of the family visit. I loved watching them pick out their fabrics. I loved the fun they had helping each other and tossing around ideas. It was a great girl bonding experience for me.

Then I made their purses. It was nice to finish a project and to have them seem so happy with the results. Happy day!